The Scottish Fairy Door Company

This page is all about fun and games, and fairy facts!  If you have a fact of your own, why not email us, and we'll post it here! 


DID YOU KNOW.........

Your pets can sense when a fairy is near?  If your pet stops and stares at nothing, or starts going mad, for no reason, just leave the room for a minute or two!  Chances are they've spotted a fairy!  Fairies are really shy, and don't like to be seen by people, so if you leave the room, it lets them hide!  


DID YOU KNOW.........

Fairies love to play, so if you're out for a walk, and the grass rustles but there's no wind, or a pool ripples, without anything dropping in it, it could be that the fairies are playing hide and seek.  You need to be very still and very quiet to spot them though!



Do you have a picture of your fairy door or fairy house in its' new home?  If you do, email us, or post them on our facebook page, for a chance to appear in our gallery of images!  We love to hear about where our items end up!

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