The Scottish Fairy Door Company

We have over 10 years experience in creating original, wooden fairy doors, in a range of styles and sizes.  Over the years we have developed our unique style, and have doors for the skirting board, shelf, garden, or anywhere else a fairy might like to hide!  Each door is cut on site, by hand, then painted and finished by our artist, before being packaged, and offered for sale, here, or with one of our many stockists.  We also create fairy houses, each made from reclaimed Scottish driftwood, and each one 'one of a kind'.  We also have mystical jewellery, and other items, related to all things magical!

We pride ourselves on our attention to detail and our customer service, and love to see where our creations end up! 

Let us take you on a journey, a journey where magic, myths and dreams come together, and let love and light fill your days!  Join us to discover fairy hiding places, add doors to your home to let them inside, and rediscover the magic that believing brings!

Click on the link below to visit our facebook page, and follow us there too! 

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